Mass Timber Moisture Management Strategies

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Never worry about mass timber water damage again. RDH and SIGA discuss the pros and cons of current moisture management strategies. You'll also learn about SIGA Wetguard 200 SA, a self-adhered membrane that protects mass timber elements during construction from moisture. 

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SIGA's taken our experience with the world's most memorable mass timber projects to develop Wetguard 200 SA 

Mjøstårnet, Norway

At 18 stories, Mjøstårnet is one of the tallest mass timber buildings in the world. By using SIGA for the air barrier, RVT was able to install products in below 0 temperatures while achieving superior airtightness.

Introducing Wetguard 200 SA

Located in Bergen, the Tree (or Treet) is a 14-story, multi-family building made from mass timber, such as glulam and CLT. With a height of around 167ft, it is currently one of the tallest wooden buildings worldwide. SIGA was used as the air and weather barrier on the project. 

The Tree, Norway

HoHo is currently the world's largest wooden high-rise. It needed an air barrier that was self-adhesive, diffusion-open, weatherproof, UV resistant, and easy to work with. 

SIGA Wigluv easily meets all these requirements. For special applications, 29 different custom-made Wigluv variations were used and factory-installed on the exterior mass timber walls. 

HoHo, Austria

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